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News-O-Matic is the first daily newspaper just for kids. It provides an exciting and engaging nonfiction experience for children, complete with valuable literacy tools for the classroom.

Thanks to its unique combination of editorial and technology, News-O-Matic creates innovative solutions to help children become tomorrow’s responsible citizens. It gives young readers a window into the world — and a reason to love reading news.

Highly Engaging Nonfiction

Each daily edition includes five new articles covering a wide range of topics. With subjects that cover everything from space science and endangered species to football and fashion, the articles are written to engage even the most reluctant reader.

Safe and appropriate

Our articles are totally adapted for children: They are reviewed by our child psychologists who make sure the content is appropriate. In the case of sensitive news, our psychologists help us find the right words to explain it to our readers.

A Real Dialog

Young readers can react to the news, either by writing or drawing; their words and art may reach their peers around the world. Children also talk to astronauts, athletes, congressmen, and artists: They are the ones who come up with questions during interviews!

Multiple reading levels and languages

Every article has three reading levels for students of all reading abilities. There are full article translations (in Spanish and French), along with audio playback by a native speaker for complete articles.

News-O-Matic’s Awards

Children react to the news!

Our readers are sharing their thoughts about the news. They are really engaging with the news !

“News-O-Matic is the first thing I do in the morning after I wake up!” Elizabeth, 10

Every day my dad reads the newspaper and I go on my iPad and read my News-O-Matic paper. I love this app and I love learning every day what’s going on on the earth so I read this app and find out. Thanks!” Dylan, 8

“I love NOM very much. It is a useful reading resource for me. It helps me when I’m sad. I just read 1 of the articles and I’m happy. Thank you for making News-O-Matic!” Ian, 9

News-O-Matic is widely used in schools!

At school

More than 1,000 schools use News-O-Matic for nonfiction reading, social studies, geography, science, and more!

Students and teacher
At Morning Meetings

Begin the day with News-O-Matic! This regularly recurring activity reinforces the value of a routine of daily nonfiction reading.

Independent Reading

As students complete other projects during the school day, reward them with time to read the news of the day.

Geography enrichment

Tell students to look for context clues that direct the reader to learn about the geography and to use the interactive maps.


Tell students to create their own dictionary of unfamiliar words; they can add to their log each day with each edition.

Articles writing

Write a list of topics and ask each student to write an article about one of them. They can use News-O-Matic’s articles as examples.

Group Reading

Divide the classroom into small groups of students and give the groups ample time to read the articles together and discuss the main idea. Ask each one to appoint a presenter to explain the key points of the story to the rest of the class.

Fast Recaps

Tell students to compile a list of 5–10 facts that they learned from the article they have chosen. Direct students to write the facts in complete sentences.

News Selection Process

Allow students to debate the story selection of each edition and volunteer a modified set of stories they would have chosen as Editor-in-Chief.

Week in Review

Ask students on Friday to review the most relevant articles of the week and draw conclusions about current events over the five-day period.

What teachers are saying

 “In my ten years of teaching, I have never come across a publication that was this effective in capturing the attention of the student and talking them want to learn and understand more.” LB, US Public School Elementary Teacher

“News-O-Matic is one of the most valuable teaching product I have used in 22 years of teaching. My kids are so much smarter because of this.” Ms S, US Public School Elementary Teacher

Children love News-O-Matic… and their parents love it too!

At home

10mn of daily reading

Your children read short articles every day on News-O-Matic. They will always find an interesting topic to read! Children improve their non-fiction literacy and learn more about the outside world.

Enhanced dinner debates

Your children can share their knowledge with the whole family. They can express their point of view based on reliable facts and participate in dinner conversations every day!

Wonderful help for parents

Every article on delicate issues is reviewed by our child psychologist. We use the right words so that children will understand the news and won’t be afraid. Therefore, News-O-Matic is an invaluable tool to help parents to talk about sensitive topics.

News-O-Matic helps its partners to create tomorrow's readers

About us

News-O-Matic was founded by Marc-Henri Magdelenat and Lillian Holtzclaw Stern. Our team shares the goal of informing children about current news and world events — and inspiring them to read on a daily basis.

Our company publishes three newspapers for children on smartphones, tablets and Internet. We started with the original News-O-Matic newspaper, which focuses on North American content.

In 2016, News-O-Matic struck partnerships with two French newspapers, Ouest France and Le Progrès, in order to create dimoitou news and Le Progrès des Enfants, two brand new digital newspapers for children, focusing on French content.

Meet our team of dedicated professionals !


Russell Kahn


Russell Kahn is an award-winning author of educational books, including aids for aspiring teachers and student guides to the Common Core State Standards. He managed and edited nonfiction titles on topics ranging from ballet to the U.S. presidential elections. He studied Print Journalism at Boston University and Elementary Education at Montclair State University.


Marc-Henri Magdelenat

Founder & CEO

Marc-Henri Magdelenat is a father of three kids and a serial media entrepreneur. He was the founder of TimeToSignOff and ScreenTonic, a mobile advertising pioneer acquired by Microsoft in 2007. He was a former director of the Mobile Advertising Association in North America. After serving as a French Navy Officer and graduating from the Paris Business School, he was an executive at Le Figaro, Unilever, and Coca-Cola.

Mohamed-Ali Bakkal


Eager to begin his professional experience in mobile applications during the initial years of his studies, Ali Bakkal conceptualized/created different mobile game apps. After moving from Paris to Las Vegas for his studies, Ali co-founded a young interactive entertainment company called Furious Studio. He also studied Software programming in France at ESIEE PARIS (A highly selective French school of Engineering).

The press writes about News-O-Matic!


Find out what our readers say about us!

Customers reviews

” I didn’t think it was possible. My daughter did NOT enjoy reading on her own. But this app changed everything. She picks it up every day after school and wants to read more and more. And she’s learning so much about the world! It’s kind of amazing…

” I was concerned that this app may be bias… Not at all! So far, I find that the articles are fact-based, and the writer is not giving his personal opinions. I even learn a lot from many of the articles… Very nice app. My son loves to read the news daily! Thumbs up! 

” This is a great way for them to read an appropriate level and learn about real world things! Keeps my daughter very interested in what she is reading. There is always something fun to read! This is awesome! Highly recommend News-O-Matic! 

” I can’t believe that I had never heard of this app before! I am an educator – and there is no other nonfiction reading that engages kids like this. My third graders are begging every day to read the latest articles! Even in a time where the news can be tough to explain to young ones, I know I can always trust News o matic for balanced writing. This will be a part of my curriculum for years to come! 

” Our school focus this year is on differentiation in instruction. I’m delighted to use News-o-matic with my students, because it offers sufficient variety in daily content (something for everyone), I can adjust the lexile levels to meet the needs of different readers, and there are so many authentic ways for students to respond to text. Keep up the great work, we hope to continue using NOM for years to come! 

” I have never seen anything like this. A DAILY newspaper that kids love — with totally new stories every single day. My kid loves hearing the stories read out loud to him and exploring the videos and pictures. What I love best is the range of article topics. There is science, arts, world news, and sports (my 10 year old’s favorite). Always something interesting to discover each day of the week. 

by CT-Mommy1

Press articles


News-O-Matic develops special solutions for partners, bringing together its unique editorial skills and its technological platform.

Geography: France

Bilingual articles & Read-to-Me (French/English)

In partnership with Ouest France, a French regional newspaper

Geography: France

Bilingual articles & Read-to-Me (French/English)

In partnership with Le Progrès, a French regional newspaper


Geography: United States

myON News, Powered by News-O-Matic

In partnership with leading literacy
ecosystem myON

If you need more information on our partnerships, please do not hesitate to contact us!

With News-O-Matic, children develop a better understanding of the world!


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